We are a group of young people from all around Europe living in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Romania. Along with the rest of the world we have all been left shocked and horrified by recent events. We have decided to do everything in our power to help.

As the situation is becoming more dire and dangerous by the minute, there is no time to waste. People need our support.

Those in danger need safe and secure passage now. They need to know that there is somewhere to run to, at least, that there is a safe haven.

We have come together to actively support people arriving in Europe.

In the current situation, we are building relations with volunteers in Moldova, Poland and Germany. This volunteer network will link drivers, hosts and local support groups with those in need. Furthermore, we are trying to raise funds for train and bus journeys.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to also get active. This is why we created this website to gather useful information and pull/pool sources with helpers from all over Europe.

Now more than ever it is time to band together! Слава Україні!


You can find out how to support people arriving from Ukraine on our website and on these helpful links:

Many thanks to everyone working on this project!

These are just some of the key people working day and night to realise this website and help Ukrainian refugees. 

Many more are helping us by sharing, contributing and organising every bit of our collective European effort to help Ukraine.

To all of you, thank you! And let’s keep going!