We are a group of young people from all around Europe living in Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Romania. Along with the rest of the world we have all been left shocked and horrified by recent events. We have decided to do everything in our power to help. Please see our about us page for more details.

Please see our how it works page, which has details about how the site works.

Please check your spam if you are not seeing an email from us. If you are still not receiving anything please contact us.


This extra layer of security is something people leaving Ukraine have specifically been asking for and we are very happy to implement this feature. 

The website guides you through the very simple process. Please take a look at our how it works page for volunteers.

No, not everyone. We urge people offering accommodation and transport to verify themselves and have set up a structure to do so. You can see whether someone is verified directly on the help listing as a blue field. Furthermore, you are able to filter your results by verification status.


Visit our accommodation page to see a list of available hosts. You can narrow down your search by location.

Visit our transport page to see a list of people offering transportation services. You can narrow down your search by location.

Visit our translation page to see a list of available translators. You can narrow down your search by location.

Please get in contact with us and we will do our best to help directly or put you in contact with someone who can. 


If you are able to offer accommodation, transport or translation services you can sign up for an account and create a post straight away.

Please get in contact if you think there is anything you can help with! For example answering phones or responding to messages.

You can sign up by clicking the sign up/register button on the home page. Or you can sign up here.

Your personal details will not be shown on the help portal. Anyone interested in your support will be able to fill out a form which will notify you. Personal information will only be disclosed at your discretion.