We hope you are safe. We are here to support you on your way to safety and many people are doing their best to arrange accommodation and transport for your needs. On this website you can find and connect with people that are offering their help for free 

The first step is alway registering as a refugee. Please make sure that the details you put in are accurate. The information you put in will be used to contact you. In this account you can already see who you already contacted and organise your requests. We will ask you to verify your account with us. However, this is not mandatory. You can skip this process and still apply for the offers. We strongly recommend you verify as volunteers are more likely to accept verified users.

Once you are registered as a refugee, you can start contacting volunteers.

You can browse through our categories of available offers, for example, accommodation, driving or translation services.

If you find what you need, you can send a direct message to the volunteer using the message form on the page of the offer – simply press ‚Contact Now’ while you are signed in as a refugee. The volunteer will then write back to you and you can clarify further details together.

The volunteer will contact you directly. Please check your email and text messages regularly. Your phone number and email address will be shared with volunteers when you contact them.

As our volunteers a private individuals, there might be a slight delay in answering sometimes. In case you don’t hear back within 3-4 hours, you can also call our hotline  (Russian, Ukrainian, German, English): +49 32 222005306, so that we may try to speed up the process. 

Should you experience any technical problems, you can visit our FAQ page, send us an e-mail (info@helppeopleleaveukraine.org) or, once again, make use of our hotline.