How It Works?

Offer help and make sure it will be found!

For people willing to help:

If you want to support, first of all: thank you so much!  

 Please register here and create a volunteer account to offer your help. You can then access your personal volunteer portal where you can edit and submit volunteering offers. You can specify your location, whether you can offer accommodation, driving or translation services and add further details.  

People looking for help can browse through all available offers and will contact you directly if your help is needed.    

In case of any questions or technical problems, you can visit our FAQ page, send us an e-mail ( or call our hotline: +49 32 222005306 


We ask all volunteers offering Accommodation or Transport to verify their Identity. The verification process is very simple and our website will guide you through it. All that is needed is a picture of a foto ID and one of yourself to compare. This could be a driving licence, a permanent residency card, a passport or a national identification card. 

The entire verification process lies with Veriff who is an external provider specialising in identify verification. The necessary ID data will be processed on Veriff’s servers who also work together with Wise, goUrban and transferGo.

Ultimately, Veriff simply notifies us once a verification has been successful. This can take less than 10 seconds.  

You can find out more about Veriff on their Website. We are grateful to Veriff for having offered their support for free and support Veriff’s commitment to helping people leave Ukraine. 


As you have already created an account, you are now able to access your Help People Leave Ukraine Portal. 

There, you are able to ‘Submit Volunteering‘. 

It is important that the field ‚What you offer‘  includes some key terms, e.g., if you offer to drive make clear where you are driving from and to and how many spaces you have. Your offer will be automatically translated in our website’s languages once published (Ukraine, German, English, Russian). 

Moreover, please put an address, so that people looking can find out how far away you are.

The address you enter will not be visible for people searching through offers and answering them. They will only see the name of the City or Town. 

Please also make sure, that you put in which languages you speak and use the format indicated on the form.

Once you are done filling out the form, you can preview you offer and choose between further editing and submitting. Do not forget to press submit! 

When submitted, the offer appears on your profile under ‚My Volunteering‘ . There you also have the chance to later cancel your offer, once someone has taken you up on it. 

The offer will go public after we have taken a quick look and reviewed it. This should not take long. 

The offer then appears online under the category you chose. 

As the websites translates it into different languages, your offer is easily accessible. People can then view your offer and contact you. Your personal information with us will not be revealed. Those needing help will fill out a form with email, phone number and a note, which will then be sent to you. 

You can reply via email or call them and organise specifics. The messaging happens outside the platform. We cannot see what you are writing about.

Nevertheless, if you need help on any step of the way, e.g., with translation, we are always there to be called. This our hotline: +49 32 222005306