Small cottage for 3 people max

March 30, 2022
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We are a family (at the moment: me, my wife, our youngest daughter and our middle daughter who is here only at the weekends, plus dog and cat) living in a house on relatively large ground near Rostock, Northern Germany. There is a small cottage right on our plot that we sometimes used to accomodate friends, work&travel-guests etc. This could be used to accomodate 2-3 people. There is one living/bed room, a tiny kitchen and a tiny bathroom with toilet and shower. There is a double bed/sofa, a sleeping place for a child could easily be arranged. There is a small kitchen, a toilet and shower. Everything is working but it is small (ca 35-40 m2 in total). Our village is small with inefficient (but, from Monday to Friday, existing!) public transport, so it would be good if guests had a car or at least a driver’s licence.
The period available is rather flexible – depending, amongst other things, on the “chemistry” between the guests and us.