Transport in a 56 seater coach from Warsaw to Kent/London United Kingdom on 7 April 2022

March 21, 2022
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The coach is taking supplies from Kent to Warsaw on 4 April 2022. It will then depart from Warsaw for the Hartley Country Club, Hartley, near Dartford in Kent United Kingdom on 7 April from a departure point to be defined in the coming days.
Ukrainian refugees who have or will by the 7 April have a visa or permission to enter the UK under the U.K. Government’s hosting scheme ( are invited to travel to Kent free of charge.

U.K. families offering accommodation on may wish to link their search for refugees seeking accommodation to the offer of transport using #journeytokent.

Host families will be able to meet those who they are hosting at the Hartley Country Club on the 10 April. Refreshments and a meal will be provided before the hosts and their guests depart. A doctor will be available if required.
For further information see Coaches2Ukraine on Facebook or