Province Antwerp:Room for mother with daughter age 2,5/5 ( due to size bed)

March 22, 2022
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We have room for a mother with daughter age 3-5 jaar. I am registered on Several platforms . I can offer long term space.

Can you use our help: whatsapp of telegram 0494257613

I don’t answer always immediatly, but for now the place is free and cleaned.

It’s a room with a one person bed, where there is enough space to put a child bed (120big). At this moment there is a buro with tv , internet , I think we have a spare laptop too.
At this very moment trying to reorganize things a bit so maybe I can put an extra bed, but it’s just in my mind, need to find the right things .

Other spaces are shared but we have a rather big house with 7 rooms ( one is currently taken by my friend so he can work at our place when possible). Our attic is under construction ( but due to Corona we don’t have the resources to work further , so you won’t be bothered😀) and at this moment my eldest daughters already sleep there.

On the outside we have a playhouse and trampoline.

Who are we?
I, 44, social worker but home due to medical issues.
Daughter liese, 21, works in marketing
Daughter emmely 17, student beauty care
Daughter Belle 14, student human sciences

Daughter Ella-Sofia, 4, autism, but above normal intellect so she understands a lot.

My friend and father of my youngest doesn’t live at our place( but in Holland) .
He comes when possible with his work as independent: free days, and evenings sometimes, but actually we’re a house full of women/girls.

Due to issues from the past ( answers can be answered private) I certainly cannot host men, and my youngest has an annoying boy in her class, so we also cannot accept a boy, that would be asking for authistic drama 😀.
But on the other hand, I have plenty of clothes for a girl, and also everything needed for school.

Oh yeah, probably important: we live in Berlaar, province Antwerp , next to city lier, next to a bus line. 40 minutes from Brussels by car ( depending on where off course) and 30 from Antwerp with the train. We also already have oekrainian people and refugees in our town.