Göttingen Germany Room for 1 person

March 4, 2022
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Hello, my name is Henrik. I live, work and study in Göttingen. I speak fluent English and some Russian, since I have studied for one year in Izhevsk/ Udmurtian Republic. Göttingen is a nice and quiet City. It has a medieval City center and lots of forest and nature around it. Almost 25 % of the people here are young students from the local Universities. And the main vehicle here is a bike. Göttingen offers any kind of infrastructure. And by bike you can almost reach anything in less than 20 min. My apartment is very central. From here it is a 10-min walk to the city center. The area here is very quiet. At night, you don’t hear any cars and during the day there is only the traffic of the residents. The Apartment has three rooms, one kitchen and a bathroom. I used to live here together with Lara. But because of family issues, she left a couple of days ago. The rent will be paid by the city of Göttingen, after you have registered. So you don’t have to worry about the rent in the first place. My days here in Göttingen are usually filled with work, study and hobbies. I love to read (favorite book – Master i Margarita), I do a lot of Boxing, and I am almost interested into anything. This flat here should be your home for the near future and not just mine. I am not just offering this room but also my help and the network that stands behind me (friend, family and colleagues). Best regards, Henrik.