Berlin South, room, separate bathroom, 2 adults/1 child oder 2 kids/1adult, short term stay (1-14 days), dogs allowed, car available, we are a family of 4 (girl 3/boy5), we have pets and live in a house

March 17, 2022
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We would like to give shelter for a couple of days to rest and recover from the trip to Germany.
Our room is not suitable for a long term rent, but will help just fine for a few days to figure out where to go.
Berlin is overcrowded and the recommendation is to go to another place in Germany. T
here are better changes to settle. We will try to help to decide.

You will have a separate room with own bathroom, some cooking facilities (but “real” cooking needs to be done in our kitchen). We have a garden, kids toys and pets (dog, cats, rabbit, chicken). A dog is welcome for the time here.
The kids could play together and we can help with driving a little bit.
We are both working full time and therefore and try as much as we can to assist.

We live in the south of Berlin, a quiet neighborhood.