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Me with my wife and our dog – we offer long-term accomodation (pay-free) in separate room of our flat in Ostrava (3rd biggest city in Czechia). We are shortly after the wedding, so our apartment is modest, but there is foldable bed to double-bed and clothes cabinet in the room. The room is not much big, but it is available to use living room too. Dog mustn’t go to living rooms.
Accommodation is ideal for a mother or grandmother with a child, or an elderly couple. We will help materially, with the language, with the administrative, with finding a job… I speak czech, english and german, my wife speak czech, english and russian.
Our czech railways “České dráhy” organize free evacuation trains from the Polish and Slovak borders to Prague throught Ostrava. And there is free public transport in the Czech Republic for Ukrainians with passport. So you just have to get to Ostrava.
We will check refugee visas and passports, because of some people who have lived in the Czech Republic for a long time and nowdays they are abusing the situation and want free housing…