Transportation between Ukraine and Finland. A 7 seater (driver + 6) and a covered trailer.

May 10, 2022
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I can offer transportation between Ukraine and Finland or inside Ukraine. I have a 7 seater VW Caddy Maxi and a covered trailer. At the moment I have offered to drive four horses from Lviv to Poland. The bureaucracy is still being sorted, but I’ll be on the road once the green light is given.

My native language is Finnish, but I also speak mediocre Swedish and good English. I can get by in restaurants and petrol stations in Bosnian, Macedonian and Germany. I also know Cyrillic alphabet. I have worked in total over two years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, after the Bosnian war, and later in Macedonia.

I have good IT skills and I have taught some basic courses, though I am not a professional. I am also good with camera and basic editing tools.

I am not looking for adventure (I am way too old and sensible for that), but should there be any surprises (need to stay overnight in the middle of nowhere or some injury), my military training could come in handy. Though it has been over 30 years, some things stay in muscle memory.

I am employed as a tax expert. That’s actually what I was doing in the Balkans. My employee is fairly flexible, but I need a few days heads up before leaving, so I can arrange things at work.

Should you have any other ideas, how I could be of help, please feel free to ask me.