Guest Room for 1-2, separate bathroom – Switzerland

April 6, 2022
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Note: I have a reservation, so room is currently not available anymore.

In a modern apartment very close to the town of Solothurn I offer:
– 1 bedroom 13m2 with direct access to balcony
– 1 private bathroom for you with shower
– modern kitchen which you can use at any time, as well as the living room
– Internet, TV, Laptop free to use.
– car parking possible

– bus station 100 m
– railway station 500 m
– shopping mall 500 m
– dentist 25 m
– hairdresser 25 m
– primary and secondary school (1. – 9. class): 150 m

Distances to cities by public transport:
– Solothurn: 10 mins (every 15 mins)
– Bern: 1 hour (every 15-30 mins)
– Zurich: 1 hour 15 mins (every 30 mins)
– Lucerne: 1 hour 20 mins (every 30 mins)
– Basel: 1 hour 30 mins (every 15 mins)
– Geneva: 2 hours (every hour)

Switzerland is a small country, distances are short, public transport is excellent. Infrastructure is also good in the villages and small towns. So no urgent need to stay in the middle of the most expensive cities like Zurich and Geneva 🙂

I’m a 33 years old guy living alone in a 4 1/2 room apartment. The whole apartment has 102m2.
Languages: German is my native language, it’s also the language spoken here in my area. I also speak English and we can communicate in that language. Little French skills available too.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information, I can provide you detailed information at any time through WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram or E-Mail.

– You should be able to communicate in English or German without Translator (at least that some easy basic communication is possible) otherwise it’s going to be too difficult.
– Ideally you’re somewhere in the age of 25 – 40

These things just make living together in the same apartment easier for you and me I think and gives the chance that it works for a longer term period.