6 Ppl. Car drive from Poland/… to Germany or the Netherlands

March 8, 2022
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My name is Rebecca I’m a 32 year old mom.

I am able to pick up 6 people from Poland or we can discuss if anywhere else is needed, depending on the pick up place. Also depending on the luggage It could be 5 people. (A dog is oké too).

I have 4 kids car seats, 2 toddler seats, 2 seats for older kids. Let me know if needed.

I can bring you to professional organizations in Germany or the Netherlands for example, discussable what is needed.
We have really good and professional organizations in the Netherlands which I can help you with.

I will offer more help through the organization, I can do more than this.
On my way there I will bring a car full of needed products. If anything specific is needed let me know in advance so I can see if I can take it with me.

Kind regards,