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Europeans are United for Ukraine. Look for help here.

Find Accommodation, Transport and Translation Services.
People at the trains station in Kiev
Photo: Train station in Lviv (Heathcliff O’Malley)

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1. Create an account as “Volunteer” with your information or use single sign on.

2. You will be able to offer help in one of our specified areas such as: Accommodation, Transport, Clothing, Food etc.

3. Describe your offer and put a nearby location so people can use our location filters.

4. When you submit Accommodation or Transport help offers for the first time, you will be asked to verify your identity. This is a security step to make this platform even safer, especially since most refugees are women and children.

5. If the verification fails, you will get a reminder by email to redo it. No email reminder means that you have been successfully verified.

6. Once your listing is online, refugees will be able to contact you. They are asked to verify themselves, too. 

7. You will get directly contacted by the refugee. They cannot see your email and your phone number. You will get an email with their message and details on how to contact them directly.

8. Contact the refugee directly! You can call, reply to the email or find them on WhatsApp or Telegram.

9. Once you decided to help a refugee and your offer for help is filled, please deactivate your listing.

Stay Up to Date

For Ukrainians in need: Join the Telegram Channel to Get Notified About New Postings!

Joining our Telegram channel, you will get notified about new postings that might offer the right service for you.

No matter whether you need help with Transportation, finding Accommodation, or Translation services, there are new postings from volunteers in Europe every minute. Join now and don’t miss out!

Of course everyone is welcome to join the channel but it is most useful to Ukrainians in need.

Connecting people in Europe with refugees from Ukraine

One platform for available accommodations, private transport and any other help that people leaving Ukraine might need.

Bringing friends and family together

Many Ukrainians have family and friends all over Europe. However, getting there can be difficult and costly. This is why we are trying to organise the onward journey.

Location Based Search

You can offer housing, translation and driving services on our website. You will get a notification as soon as your help is needed.

Keeping track

We want to make sure that who you see as being available, really is available and ready to go.

Support Ukrainians entering Europe!

Following Russia’s shocking invasion, many people living in Ukraine are forced to leave their houses, livelihoods, friends and family in search of safety. They are in dire need of our support. Currently, mostly women and children are fleeing towards Europe while their males relatives are forced to stay behind.

Many have left in great hurry, with little resources and without knowing their final destination.

This is a crisis we cannot turn away from. We must show solidarity now and help wherever we can, as Europeans, as human beings.

As organisations are scrambling to deal with this humanitarian crises, we are trying to do our part by offering this platform. For further information on what other organisations do, you can take a look at our collection of helpful links.